Asclepius Blinked

Session 6
Walking Out with our Chens Held High

Absent: None

A week goes by with us having no calls, despite being on duty. Bolt-On discovers that Chen dislikes our team and had arguments with McGuire regarding us. Arbitus decides to go visit McGuire and has to visit IT to get access, at the cost of a handful of SeaHawks tickets. IT takes care of the electronic side of access, but Arbitus has to use both his romantic and persuasive skills to get past a pair of guards, with Bolt-On redirecting the cameras.

Arbitus, with Cowboy in tow, makes it outside McGuire’s cell. McGuire doesn’t have much information to offer, although she maintains her innocence and we believe her. She’s also of the opinion that Chen is up to no good. 

Amberdawn receives a ‘coupon’ for a drink special at Yuri's bar. We go to find the elf “Tripwire” from the runner bar we encountered previously when we previously investigated Mr. Bosco. We’re asked to help his friend Rosalind Strutwick who was recently in an accident and needed a kidney removed, and to drop off our copy of Bosco’s records at a nearby church. 

Amber Dawn arranges a place for Strutwick to go with one of her religious contacts while Bolt-On forges a transfer order. Arbitus’ stripper contact applies makeup to everyone, making Bolt-On look like the most badass fat orc ever… unfortunately Amber Dawn sees through these amazing Trid-like costumes and corrects them to be more in line with legitimate disguises. Lucent does some swapping of equipment between his truck and Arbitus’ truck, allowing for us to surreptitiously drive away with the patient, which the DocWagon hospital delivers as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening. 

During our trip we notice that we’re being followed by a drone. Bolt-On decides he should brick the drone and, upon attempting to do so, soon finds that they’re being followed by even more… both drones and a large armored metro guard vehicle. 

Bolt-On bricks the truck while Lucent maneuvers the vehicle expertly enabling Amber Dawn and Cowboy to disable the pursuing drones. Arbitus arranges for a decoy vehicle to meet us in a tunnel and one of the drones has a horrible crash, latching itself onto the decoy vehicle. Lucent u-turns and safely delivers our patient while the decoy vehicle works as intended, leading the metro guard away from us. 

Unfortunately, DocWagon connects the dots and we’re forced to lay low, with the help of Tripwire. Strutwick contacts us later and relays her experiences to us: after living with her custom liver for a while, she finds herself awakening early from dialysis and witnesses Chen arranging for her liver to be stolen — and she has record of it.

Session Reward:

Karma: 8

Session 5
McGuire Goes Out with a Bang

Absent: None

We’re asked to brunch by McGuire at the Big Rhino ork-run BBQ. She tells us to keep Bosco’s data out of the corp’s reach. It seems one of the company spiders may be doing some side work against the interests of DocWagon. 

Arbitus takes ______ from Crash Cart dispatch out for a very nice dinner. During their conversations she mentions that she’s noticed more dispatch calls coming from within the company instead of coming from the field. In the distance there’s a large explosion which leads to everyone being called in. The explosion was at the stadium where the SeaHawks play.  

We arrive at the scene to total chaos that we attempt to turn into order. With some success, a triage system is set up and we head to the interior. After Bolt-On and Lucent manage some interior mapping to get us in quickly, we reach the promenade and begin stabilizing people. Lucent locates an area surrounded by rubble which seems to be the epicenter of the explosion, with more injured and dead. The Caduceus digs a tunnel for us enabling us to reach the interior and we begin our work. Shortly after tending to the first few injured, we hear a strange music emenating from all directions. 

Three small toxic spirits begin forming from the rubble. Cowboy shoots an explosive round into the heartstone of one of the masses, shattering it into bits. Lucent’s drone gets a decent hit, followed by Amber Dawn’s explosive bolts into another, making even more bits. A toxic spirit jumps upon the face of one of the living victims and convinces them to be a non-living victim. Finally, Bolt-On passes out among the injured, entering VR. 

Bolt-On then, miraculously, gets a hit on the Pac Com stadium hub. Cowboy continues with his destroying of rubble, possibly making the survivors think he’s shooting at bodies, as walking piles of rubble are a bit hard to believe in. Amber Dawn also does more damage, as Arbitus begins managing the survivors. Together they manage a rope to the level below, only to see a swirling menace awaiting below. Bolt-On locates an enemy decker and discovers there is another. Once his location is shown Amber Dawn sheathes an explosive bolt in his chest cavity.

Over the jumbo screens and speakers in the stadium a toxic tree is proclaiming in Swedish that we’re all to be punished for the horrible damage we’ve inflicted upon the world. 
Spirits continue to rise and assault the party, using a various effects on our lot to great success. Lucent ensures the 2nd level to which the survivors are evading is cleared of spirits while the rest of the group addresses the spirits clinging to their faces and bodies. Once the second wave of spirits have fallen, the mage apparently retreats and the cavalry arrives. 

We return to campus and, having noticed that we haven’t been hearing from McGuire, we go straight to her office to find Chen sitting on her desk. He informs us that McGuire has been arrested and is being investigated prior to indictment. 

Session Reward:

Karma: 8

Session 4
Bosco's Backroom Beatdown

Absent: None

Arbitus and Bolt-On take a trip to Ratavan’s home. It’s locked, so they go home.  

We’re called into a early morning meeting with McGuire. She chastises the group for kidnapping Ratavan and using weapons for reasons other than self-defense. 

Soren Bosco, a human DocWagon gunner, has gone missing. We’ve been given the task to find him. He’s been working for the corp for 6 years and has a clean record. Bolt-On discovers that Bosco was spooked after his last assignment, which happened to be a the stuffer shack we visited during our last mission. 

We go to his quarters and let ourselves in. Bolt-On discovers a scanner under the seat. After getting a mark on the scanner we discover that the scanner is a DocWagon plant. Bolt-On requests full access but, instead, they gave me access to his personal node. On his node we find that early Tuesday morning, around 2am, he called both his insurance company and bank. 

We find photos of his girlfriend, who we identify as Lila Song, a botany professor at the University of Washington who lives in Bellevue. We head to her complex, park, and head to the security desk. After calling Lila they tell us to head up to her 24th floor condo. 

She invites us in and tells us she hasn’t heard from him since Tuesday around four in the morning. She said that Chen had been by earlier this morning. Bosco told her he had been called out of town on a humanitarian mission.

Bolt-On checks her commlink and find that Yosif Mueller, shortly after 4am. Nothing else looks out of the ordinary on her commlink. 

On the way out Arbitus chats up the security guard and verifies that Bosco last left the building Tuesday morning at 4:30am. We find out that Bosco used a Zip Car to get from the condos to the docks after a bit of hacking. 

The address he drove to was a business called The Salmon, which could be a diner… or a bar. The meat crew goes in while Lucent and Bolt-On stay in the car, requesting onion rings. Cowboy tries his social abilities and does a great job of pissing off the bartender. Arbitus notices the bartender glance at an elf nearby. He tries to keep a poker face during questioning, but Arbitus knows he recognizes Bosco. A quick use of commanding voice gets him to admit Bosco was there, startling him into inviting the crew into the back room to discuss privately after showing he also can pull of the same commanding voice trick. 

The back room was an ambush, three trolls with batons and crowbars step in and the doors automatically shut and lock. Cowboy and Amber Dawn are dragged out, unconscious. 

Bosco calls in the middle of the night and tells Arbitus to meet an old chinese man at the ferry and tip him 100 nuyen to be taken where he needs to go. 

We do so, but Amber Dawn stays behind, being cared for in Intensive Care. The Chinese man warns us against going, but Arbitus chooses to go ahead, anyway, along with Cowboy and our drone being controlled by Lucent with Bolt-On tagging along in VR. We’re taken by boat to the Outrimmer island about 20 minutes away. 

We’re met by a man in sunglasses and hat in the middle of the night. Once inside he reveals himself to being Soren Bosco. He then reveals to us that during the stuffer shack event, when he first arrived, the client we were rescuing showed up briefly as a live target. Upon later review he found that blip had been removed from official records, but still remained in his personal record from his contacts. In the information recorded was listed the item number corresponding to the organ that was stolen. It seems that there may be an insider working against the corp.  

Lucent and Bolt-On hear an armored Metro Guard truck roll up to the dock, then move into a boat heading to the island. Upon notifying the team, Bosco hands off a contact lens to us and tells us to make sure the information is used well, then we go our separate ways to prepare for what is to come.

Session Reward:

Karma: 6
Payday: 30,000/20,000 depending on housing

Session 3
The Gall of Some People

Absent: None

We received an email from McGuire telling us we have a meeting with the big boss “Chen” roughly mid-week between sessions. Bolt-On is freshly recovering from having a partial cyberskull installed, so he shows up on painkillers with his head wrapped in gauze. 

Our meeting is in the conference room attached to McGuire’s office. Chen comes in after we’re seated and thanks us for the good work we’ve been doing by awarding us two extra weeks of paid vacation at the end of the year, with travel included. 

Agent Wescott emails Michael during the meeting to let him know that the encrypted numbers were some sort of index number. A red light in front of McGuire keeps flashing and, after delaying a bit, she interrupts the meeting and sends us on a run.

The coordinates she gave us is for a stuffer shack in Everett. She lets us know that she’s set up an alarm to let her know as soon as anyone with a custom organ goes dark so we can arrive sooner and, hopefully, get more information. 

Our client, Rasmus Abraham, has an artificial pancreas due to having diabetes. The HTR team is on the scene when we arrive. The medics are tending to our client who has been opened up on the floor of the cooler. 

Amber Dawn immediately tends to the fallen, helping the HTR medics steady him for transportation. Bolt-On uses a data tap to gain access to the camera files and finds evidence of two non-descript assailants entering the cooler before the cameras go black. 

Amber Dawn and Cowboy find some remnants of trash (coffee cup, cigarette pack wrapper, etc) from the assailants, while Arbitus starts chatting up the Japanese lady working at the Stuffer Shack. From the trash Amber Dawn and Cowboy recover some partial fingerprints which Bolt-On sends to Agent Westcott.  She returns some information, but Bolt-On now owes her a favor. 

She returns a name and address: Ratavan Stoyanovich of Snohomish is registered to the fingerprint. We leave the Stuffer Shack to investigate in Snohomish. 

Near the address we were given we notice a coffee shop near a gas station, the coffee shop is of the same brand as some of the trash we found early. Also nearby is a tobacconist. Michael jumps into the coffee shop’s computers. Amber Dawn identifies his brand of cigarettes. 

As Arbitus enters the tobacconists he notices Ratavan in the store. Upon being noticed, Ratavan tries to sneak out the of the store… very quickly. He runs, but the Cowboy lassos his head into the curb with a couple of gel-round shots. 

He has a fake SIN on his commlink named ‘Stanley Radu.’ Arbitus commands him to share the location of the missing organ, which Ratavan does… to his doom .His eyes cross, everyone in the room ducks, and his head explodes. 

Leaving the mess for the janitors and lawyers, McGuire sends us out to the coordinates given by the now-dead organ thief deep in rural Snohomish. The building we arrive at is an old home of pre-awakening construction. Six armed guards patrol outside. Bolt-On jumps into their host and drops some tracking files on each of their commlinks, then jumps out and tries to find how many people are at the house in total. He sees 9 in all. 

The following morning we’re sent back out ot investigate the house, once the program has let us know that all the people have left. Back at the home, in the basement, we find many tags with numbers of the same sort of those we found earlier, including one that matches one of our numbers. The basement is also very cold, even though all the cooling machinery has been removed. 

Session Reward:

Karma: 4
Nuyen: 3000

Session 2
Eye Spy the FBI

Absent: None

Debrief w/boss: Sellers will be prosecuted for murder, attempted murder, etc. Buyers were caught and will also be prosecuted. She also offered us each some pointers for how we could improve our actions before we’re sent to our offices to complete our post-incident paperwork.

We’re called to assist an HTR team evacuate with a client, Rod Johnson. The HTR team is being prevented from leaving by law enforcement, the FBI, in Redmond.

As we head into Redmond we hear live fire in the incident area. We drive up on our HTR team who is stationed around their vehicle in a holding formation. The HTR leader brings us up to speed on the situation. There are two groups (gang and metro guard) facing off from opposing buildings with a burned out vehicle between them on blocks, shielding a runner gang in which our client waits.

We identify a building near the metro police and most of our team attempts breaching. Inside of a bathroom Cowboy finds a squatter smoking a cigarette who, upon running away, reveals a hallway our team can use to traverse the building’s length toward the metro guard.

We make contact with their FBI team lead after a brief moment of alarm at our drone entering their defenses. She tells us quietly that the pinned-down runners are working for her, off the books, and have been compromised by the metro guard attempted to execute a warrant. Michael does some background research on the FBI agent and learns her name, Maria Richardson, as well as her partner’s, Regina Wescott.

Amber Dawn identifies some weak points in the gang’s defenses and attempts to blow down some of the building by striking critical points with explosive arrows. Between her and Cowboy’s fine shooting, the barricade comes down and changes the defensive structure, allowing for the metro guard to advance and our HTR team to attend to our client. The no-fly restriction was lifted by Maria allowing the HTR to evacuate.

We return to campus to complete our paperwork and debrief. During the debrief Augustina receives a call and tells us that we’re requested to head back to the barrens and meet with Agent Richardson. Michael uncovers some basic personal preferences of Agent Richardson in an effort to give Arbitus more social ammunition, but it turns out she enjoys off-roading, as well, which is slightly alluring to Lucent.

Richardson requests that we take a look at the scene to give our professional perspective. We find two of the slain Yakuza gang members from the earlier battle dead on the floor of the clinic where they were holed up. The gang members had obvious cyberware removed from their body, apparently sometime after they were slain.

As we inspect the scene a couple of us hear a rolling sound, which is quickly followed by a blast which we all hear quite well. The blast destroyed the FBI agents’ vehicle, flipping it over and wedging in Lucent and his Rover in. We’re put in the position of defending the run-down clinic we were investigating against two groups of 3 gunmen approaching from either side.

With limited room to fight out of the front, both FBI agents go searching for a rear exit so they can flank the attackers. Cowboy, Amber Dawn, and Arbitus take up arms to fend off the frontal assault, while Michael dives between the two stiffs to jack in and handle the matrix-end. The exchange of gunfire has limited effect, although the occasional attacker is struck down.

Arbitus braves a run through their suppressive fire to assist Lucent in getting the vehicle operational again, barely avoiding being shot. One team of assailants blocks the clinic entrance with a dumpster while coming to the realization that they won’t win this confrontation. Of the two remaining assailants, one runs in each direction towards different heaps of trash hiding their getaway motorcycles. Michael hacks his way into one of their commlinks, copying what he hopes to be some identifying information, while Cowboy wrangles one to the ground with the classic bullet-to-fork lasso technique, removing the front wheel from the bike.

As the final attacker rides quickly out of range, the team begins to address the downed driver who failed to escape when a shot rings out from the distance and our captive’s head explodes onto Cowboy’s armor. A nearby sniper preferred that the captive die than for us to extract any information, and our attempts to track down the sniper only result in Arbitus having his fly drone shot in its spying eye.

We gather up the dead bodies and the FBI agents and leave the area, heading downtown and dropping off the FBI en route. Upon investigating the file Michael finds two long numbers and three number sequence. First two numbers were long/lat indicating the location of our battle, the remaining three 6-digit numbers are not currently discernable, although they may have some type of pattern.

After our paperwork, debriefs, paperwork, rest, and paperwork Michael encrypts the file from the escapee and sends it to Agent Westcott.

Session Reward:
Karma: 6

Session 1
Kidney Capture

Absent: None

SOS Roster:

  • Amber Dawn, Combat Medic
  • Arbitus, Face, Leader
  • Mike, Decker
  • Caellach, Gunner
  • Lucent, Rigger

Downtown Hostage Scene:  We’ve arrived at a scene with a hostage situation. Knight Errant and a private security firm are on-scene, along with a DocWagon HTR. Five belligerents have taken multiple hostages, one with a gold plan and injury, and is holed up in the lobby. Arbitus convinces KE into letting us breach the rear entrance in an attempt to deescalate the situation.

With Lucent and Mike ready to provide backup, Amber Dawn, Arbitus, and Caellach enter the atrium from a rear entrance, surprising the aggressors. Not wanting to cause unnecessary bloodshed, Arbitus begins talking them down from their chosen path. As four of the five begin to relax, the fifth decides to force the situation with violence. A two-bit thug is no match for an elven Adept, however, as Caellach puts a bullet in his skull before the fool can heft his weapon to take aim.

Seeing this, the rest of the attackers surrender as Amber Dawn begins treating the injured and KE takes over the scene.

As we’re driving back to HQ we receive a call from our boss, Augustina McGuire, sending us into Renton. One of our clients, Eliza Kohler, had a temperature drop followed by their biomonitor going offline. She was implanted with experimental bioware owned and financed by DocWagon,  and she happened to hold a silver contract which is how we knew of her condition.

Seedy Renton Hotel:  When we arrive at the location, a seedy by-the-hour hotel, we find her in a tub of ice… deceased. Her kidney, DocWagon’s kidney, rather, had been removed. Amber Dawn smells some interesting chemicals cluing us in that what had transpired was a professional job. Mike finds camera files showing the victim willingly going into the hotel with two men and, later, the same two men leaving without her.  From Dawn’s file we learn that she lived not far from here, so we decide to travel there to question her next of kin.

At her apartment we meet a dwarf wresting the door open from a malfunctioning drone. Arbitus and Amber Dawn break the news to her wife and try to uncover any clues that might be had. The best we uncover is that Eliza liked to frequent Moe’s bar nearby.

Moe’s Bar: We don’t do well with the first bartender, turns out DocWagon’s reputation isn’t so great with those who can’t afford the service.  With a bit of over-the-counter cyberware doctoring by Amber Dawn, we do befriend another bartender by the name of Yuri who gives us a bit of info about where the two shady guys might be found, under a nearby underpass.

Shady Renton Underpass:  Rolling through the underpass we almost show our vehicle’s logos, but Mike gets Lucent to switch the logos off before we’re noticed. The two guys we had pegged for stealing our bioware have a van parked behind another belonging to a group of four clearly interested in their wares. Once the handoff begins, though, Lucent enters an aggressive driving mode and begins our assault.

Lots of shooting, lots of driving, some hacking and hurting. The buyers get away, but with a commlink calling the authorities. We capture the sellers, though, with Amber Dawn seeing that they remain alive.

KE arrives and begins their post-incident procedures, eventually capturing the escaped organ buyers, and promising to return DocWagon’s property once a quick judicial process has completed.

As for us, the still-unnamed SOS crew, we call it a day and head back to HQ for a debrief and far, far too much paperwork.


<u>Session Reward:</u>

Karma:  6
New Contact: Yuri, 1/1 Bartender, Moe’s Bar, Renton.
Note:  Monetary rewards to be salary- and location-based. For those living on campus, ¥20,000 per month (4 sessions) and free rent. Off-campus ¥30,000 and pay your own damn rent.

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