Asclepius Blinked

Session 2
Eye Spy the FBI

Absent: None

Debrief w/boss: Sellers will be prosecuted for murder, attempted murder, etc. Buyers were caught and will also be prosecuted. She also offered us each some pointers for how we could improve our actions before we’re sent to our offices to complete our post-incident paperwork.

We’re called to assist an HTR team evacuate with a client, Rod Johnson. The HTR team is being prevented from leaving by law enforcement, the FBI, in Redmond.

As we head into Redmond we hear live fire in the incident area. We drive up on our HTR team who is stationed around their vehicle in a holding formation. The HTR leader brings us up to speed on the situation. There are two groups (gang and metro guard) facing off from opposing buildings with a burned out vehicle between them on blocks, shielding a runner gang in which our client waits.

We identify a building near the metro police and most of our team attempts breaching. Inside of a bathroom Cowboy finds a squatter smoking a cigarette who, upon running away, reveals a hallway our team can use to traverse the building’s length toward the metro guard.

We make contact with their FBI team lead after a brief moment of alarm at our drone entering their defenses. She tells us quietly that the pinned-down runners are working for her, off the books, and have been compromised by the metro guard attempted to execute a warrant. Michael does some background research on the FBI agent and learns her name, Maria Richardson, as well as her partner’s, Regina Wescott.

Amber Dawn identifies some weak points in the gang’s defenses and attempts to blow down some of the building by striking critical points with explosive arrows. Between her and Cowboy’s fine shooting, the barricade comes down and changes the defensive structure, allowing for the metro guard to advance and our HTR team to attend to our client. The no-fly restriction was lifted by Maria allowing the HTR to evacuate.

We return to campus to complete our paperwork and debrief. During the debrief Augustina receives a call and tells us that we’re requested to head back to the barrens and meet with Agent Richardson. Michael uncovers some basic personal preferences of Agent Richardson in an effort to give Arbitus more social ammunition, but it turns out she enjoys off-roading, as well, which is slightly alluring to Lucent.

Richardson requests that we take a look at the scene to give our professional perspective. We find two of the slain Yakuza gang members from the earlier battle dead on the floor of the clinic where they were holed up. The gang members had obvious cyberware removed from their body, apparently sometime after they were slain.

As we inspect the scene a couple of us hear a rolling sound, which is quickly followed by a blast which we all hear quite well. The blast destroyed the FBI agents’ vehicle, flipping it over and wedging in Lucent and his Rover in. We’re put in the position of defending the run-down clinic we were investigating against two groups of 3 gunmen approaching from either side.

With limited room to fight out of the front, both FBI agents go searching for a rear exit so they can flank the attackers. Cowboy, Amber Dawn, and Arbitus take up arms to fend off the frontal assault, while Michael dives between the two stiffs to jack in and handle the matrix-end. The exchange of gunfire has limited effect, although the occasional attacker is struck down.

Arbitus braves a run through their suppressive fire to assist Lucent in getting the vehicle operational again, barely avoiding being shot. One team of assailants blocks the clinic entrance with a dumpster while coming to the realization that they won’t win this confrontation. Of the two remaining assailants, one runs in each direction towards different heaps of trash hiding their getaway motorcycles. Michael hacks his way into one of their commlinks, copying what he hopes to be some identifying information, while Cowboy wrangles one to the ground with the classic bullet-to-fork lasso technique, removing the front wheel from the bike.

As the final attacker rides quickly out of range, the team begins to address the downed driver who failed to escape when a shot rings out from the distance and our captive’s head explodes onto Cowboy’s armor. A nearby sniper preferred that the captive die than for us to extract any information, and our attempts to track down the sniper only result in Arbitus having his fly drone shot in its spying eye.

We gather up the dead bodies and the FBI agents and leave the area, heading downtown and dropping off the FBI en route. Upon investigating the file Michael finds two long numbers and three number sequence. First two numbers were long/lat indicating the location of our battle, the remaining three 6-digit numbers are not currently discernable, although they may have some type of pattern.

After our paperwork, debriefs, paperwork, rest, and paperwork Michael encrypts the file from the escapee and sends it to Agent Westcott.

<u>Session Reward: </u>
Karma: 6

Session 1
Kidney Capture

Absent: None

SOS Roster:

  • Amber Dawn, Combat Medic
  • Arbitus, Face, Leader
  • Mike, Decker
  • Caellach, Gunner
  • Lucent, Rigger

Downtown Hostage Scene:  We’ve arrived at a scene with a hostage situation. Knight Errant and a private security firm are on-scene, along with a DocWagon HTR. Five belligerents have taken multiple hostages, one with a gold plan and injury, and is holed up in the lobby. Arbitus convinces KE into letting us breach the rear entrance in an attempt to deescalate the situation.

With Lucent and Mike ready to provide backup, Amber Dawn, Arbitus, and Caellach enter the atrium from a rear entrance, surprising the aggressors. Not wanting to cause unnecessary bloodshed, Arbitus begins talking them down from their chosen path. As four of the five begin to relax, the fifth decides to force the situation with violence. A two-bit thug is no match for an elven Adept, however, as Caellach puts a bullet in his skull before the fool can heft his weapon to take aim.

Seeing this, the rest of the attackers surrender as Amber Dawn begins treating the injured and KE takes over the scene.

As we’re driving back to HQ we receive a call from our boss, Augustina McGuire, sending us into Renton. One of our clients, Eliza Kohler, had a temperature drop followed by their biomonitor going offline. She was implanted with experimental bioware owned and financed by DocWagon,  and she happened to hold a silver contract which is how we knew of her condition.

Seedy Renton Hotel:  When we arrive at the location, a seedy by-the-hour hotel, we find her in a tub of ice… deceased. Her kidney, DocWagon’s kidney, rather, had been removed. Amber Dawn smells some interesting chemicals cluing us in that what had transpired was a professional job. Mike finds camera files showing the victim willingly going into the hotel with two men and, later, the same two men leaving without her.  From Dawn’s file we learn that she lived not far from here, so we decide to travel there to question her next of kin.

At her apartment we meet a dwarf wresting the door open from a malfunctioning drone. Arbitus and Amber Dawn break the news to her wife and try to uncover any clues that might be had. The best we uncover is that Eliza liked to frequent Moe’s bar nearby.

Moe’s Bar: We don’t do well with the first bartender, turns out DocWagon’s reputation isn’t so great with those who can’t afford the service.  With a bit of over-the-counter cyberware doctoring by Amber Dawn, we do befriend another bartender by the name of Yuri who gives us a bit of info about where the two shady guys might be found, under a nearby underpass.

Shady Renton Underpass:  Rolling through the underpass we almost show our vehicle’s logos, but Mike gets Lucent to switch the logos off before we’re noticed. The two guys we had pegged for stealing our bioware have a van parked behind another belonging to a group of four clearly interested in their wares. Once the handoff begins, though, Lucent enters an aggressive driving mode and begins our assault.

Lots of shooting, lots of driving, some hacking and hurting. The buyers get away, but with a commlink calling the authorities. We capture the sellers, though, with Amber Dawn seeing that they remain alive.

KE arrives and begins their post-incident procedures, eventually capturing the escaped organ buyers, and promising to return DocWagon’s property once a quick judicial process has completed.

As for us, the still-unnamed SOS crew, we call it a day and head back to HQ for a debrief and far, far too much paperwork.


<u>Session Reward:</u>

Karma:  6
New Contact: Yuri, 1/1 Bartender, Moe’s Bar, Renton.
Note:  Monetary rewards to be salary- and location-based. For those living on campus, ¥20,000 per month (4 sessions) and free rent. Off-campus ¥30,000 and pay your own damn rent.

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