Asclepius Blinked

Session 5

McGuire Goes Out with a Bang

Absent: None

We’re asked to brunch by McGuire at the Big Rhino ork-run BBQ. She tells us to keep Bosco’s data out of the corp’s reach. It seems one of the company spiders may be doing some side work against the interests of DocWagon. 

Arbitus takes ______ from Crash Cart dispatch out for a very nice dinner. During their conversations she mentions that she’s noticed more dispatch calls coming from within the company instead of coming from the field. In the distance there’s a large explosion which leads to everyone being called in. The explosion was at the stadium where the SeaHawks play.  

We arrive at the scene to total chaos that we attempt to turn into order. With some success, a triage system is set up and we head to the interior. After Bolt-On and Lucent manage some interior mapping to get us in quickly, we reach the promenade and begin stabilizing people. Lucent locates an area surrounded by rubble which seems to be the epicenter of the explosion, with more injured and dead. The Caduceus digs a tunnel for us enabling us to reach the interior and we begin our work. Shortly after tending to the first few injured, we hear a strange music emenating from all directions. 

Three small toxic spirits begin forming from the rubble. Cowboy shoots an explosive round into the heartstone of one of the masses, shattering it into bits. Lucent’s drone gets a decent hit, followed by Amber Dawn’s explosive bolts into another, making even more bits. A toxic spirit jumps upon the face of one of the living victims and convinces them to be a non-living victim. Finally, Bolt-On passes out among the injured, entering VR. 

Bolt-On then, miraculously, gets a hit on the Pac Com stadium hub. Cowboy continues with his destroying of rubble, possibly making the survivors think he’s shooting at bodies, as walking piles of rubble are a bit hard to believe in. Amber Dawn also does more damage, as Arbitus begins managing the survivors. Together they manage a rope to the level below, only to see a swirling menace awaiting below. Bolt-On locates an enemy decker and discovers there is another. Once his location is shown Amber Dawn sheathes an explosive bolt in his chest cavity.

Over the jumbo screens and speakers in the stadium a toxic tree is proclaiming in Swedish that we’re all to be punished for the horrible damage we’ve inflicted upon the world. 
Spirits continue to rise and assault the party, using a various effects on our lot to great success. Lucent ensures the 2nd level to which the survivors are evading is cleared of spirits while the rest of the group addresses the spirits clinging to their faces and bodies. Once the second wave of spirits have fallen, the mage apparently retreats and the cavalry arrives. 

We return to campus and, having noticed that we haven’t been hearing from McGuire, we go straight to her office to find Chen sitting on her desk. He informs us that McGuire has been arrested and is being investigated prior to indictment. 

Session Reward:

Karma: 8



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